Mission Statement

Families-In-Transition Support (FITS) Network is committed to helping low and moderate income families in the Wisconsin Dells School District have a positive educational experience by providing food, school supplies, clothing, and other services as needed.  We work collaboratively with the local schools and other community services to facilitate additional resources in order to promote self-sufficient and healthy families.


Back to School "Stuff the Bus" Campaign


We have actively implemented the listed programs

1)  Food - Snack Pack/Family Pack – Snack packs and family packs are offered on a weekly basis at the school, local churches, and local medical clinics.

2)  Clothing & Formal Wear Closet- Winter Clothing – Snow pants, hats, gloves, and boots are available to distribute when a need arises. Donated gowns are redesigned and offered to students in need

3)  Back to School - School supplies and backpacks are offered to children at registration, along with a new outfit that includes a sweatshirt and shoes, as well as a gently used outfit from St. Vincent de Paul. 

4)  Kidz Klub - Dells Area Parks & Recreation After School Program – Scholarships

Families-In-Transition Support (FITS) Network was established as a collaborative effort between the Wisconsin Dells School District and Beacon House as a result of the needs of homeless and low-income children.  FITS was launched in 2009 under Beacon House but was dormant until the organization was re-ignited in July of 2011 when it was brought to our attention by Holly Waterman, a newly elected School Board Member, that there was a significant number of homeless and “food-insecure” students in the district that needed help and thus, the consequential appointment of a FITS Chair, Lisa Delmore.  Under Lisa’s leadership, three main committees were formed, along with a very healthy collaboration with Kops 4 Kids.  Over the last year, a couple of other programs have emerged that dovetail the primary programs